Adults Program

When was the last time you did something for yourself?
With work, kids, and other responsibilities – it is easy to forget YOU in the overall scheme of things. Over the years, adults have joined our program for a variety of reasons, but we thought that you would like to see the 5 most common reasons!


Martial Arts is one of the few “Full-Body” workout systems! With all of the punches, kicks, throws, and other maneuvers that must be mastered, martial arts will work out the muscles you never knew existed! Between strength training, flexibility, cardio, and agility drills… Martial Arts provide a truly unique workout experience!


Ever since Martial Arts became popular in America, there has been a fascination with what it’s like to be a black belt. With all of the techniques, forms, skills, & fitness that have to be mastered… achieving black belt is no easy feat! However, as our favorite motto goes… A black belt is simply a white belt that never quit! It is certainly an achievable goal, and nowadays more and more people are going for it! One thing we find common among black belts… No One ever regretted doing it! 


Admit it… We have all had those days… Days where you just want to hit something! Ironically, hitting something does have a truly therapeutic effect… as well as burns a ton of calories! In addition to enjoying martial arts, many of our adults love the 1 hour departure from everyday life… where they can just burn off the stress!



It’s never a great subject to talk about, but the need for some self-defense training is just getting higher. For us women, knowing how to punch and kick effectively, as well as having a basic knowledge of self-defense can never hurt. Improving our awareness and reflexes really does give a feeling of empowerment. The great thing is… that it’s a killer workout as well! 



“The family that kicks together, sticks together!” One of our funny… but true mottos! It’s tough being the parent all the time. Here is one area where kids and parents are equal in working through all of the challenges of getting belts. More often than not, it’s the kids that are helping their parents with all of the different drills and maneuvers… something that both sides enjoy! In fact, the majority of our adults have children attending our studio as well. Going through and achieving the different belts together is an experience that stays with parent and child forever! The best part of this as well as the other benefits is that it all comes in one package! Without fail, every adult that tries our program tells us 2 things:

  •   I had no idea this is what a martial arts program was like!
  •   I wish I would have started this earlier!

The good news is that it is never too late!

Hopefully we were able to provide you a good snapshot of our studio, but we find the best way of knowing about our program is to try it! To take advantage of our internet sign-up special, click on the GETTING STARTED button on top to sign up for our 2 week evaluation program! If you have any more questions, click on the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below.